The Butterfly Park of Benalmadena is over 2,000 m2 the largest space dedicated to the butterflies in Europe.

The building was built in butterfly thailand style what has been an added difficulty to the inherent complexity of the project.

To give the building authenticity many building materials and decorative elements were brought directly from Thailand. The blue tiles covering the pagoda entrance hall were made in that color expressly in Chiang Mai for the butterfly, and is the original tile that is traditionally used in the temples of Thailand.

Thailand style choice for the building has been motivated by several factors

1.- Aesthetic and conceptual harmony with Tibetan Temple located near the Butterfly. The Buddhist philosophy is consistent with what we suggest butterflies (beauty, serenity, silence). In Asia, the butterfly symbolizes the soul and spirituality.

2.- It was in Asia, particularly in China where it started 4,000 years ago butterfly farming for silk production and later in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia for display in captivity.

The flight of the butterfly area is a tropical garden conservatory of over 900 m2 and 8 m in height where they fly between 1,500 and 2,000 butterflies of exotic species originating in tropical areas worldwide. Throughout the year you can see more than 150 different species. 70% of individuals that fly in the butterfly are produced in-house and 30% is imported from their homelands.

We paid particular attention to the naturalization of the garden so that visitors feel immersed in the habitat of these species. The garden is designed as an open space to provide a clear visual as natural as possible.

The main difficulty of this project is the climate, because for the life of these species require very specific environmental conditions (24-28 º C and 70% relative humidity) difficult to maintain in this size.

Garden maintenance is also difficult because it could not use any plant protection product pest control must be performed manually or by biological control.

The Butterfly is a private initiative that has, from the outset with the support of the City of Benalmádena by transferring the soil. Imago Dracaena SL is the entity behind the project and is composed of José Antonio Plaza (employer) and Asunción Gómez (veterinary). The company also has another unique butterfly garden and butterfly farm in Europe, North Entomology Centre, both in the Canaries.

The butterfly is a zoo in every sense of the word. The main difference from other parks is that working with animals that have a lifespan of two weeks, so it is a very dynamic zoo where the population is completely renewed every 15 days.

The other aspect that sets us apart from other zoos is logically direct contact with the public. The butterflies are flying around visitors and it is possible to directly observe their behavior. This is what is called zooinmersion which means that the visitor is immersed in the habitat of animals is meant to minimize or conceal the visual barriers between the public and animals.

As zoo we have a commitment to conservation and education and so we will work closely with schools preparing classrooms in nature and seminars in their own butterfly.

The butterfly adds to the vast range of existing parks and on the Costa del Sol Benalmádena confirmed as a key destination for family leisure and nature.

Hours: From Monday to Sunday: 10:00 to 19:00 h.

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