Killer arrested

The confusion of the nationality of a man arrested last week on the Costa Del Sol, first thought to be Irish and detained as a suspect serial killer, has now been cleared up by investigators.

The man, who has a Moroccan father and German mother, had been using a number of fake identity documents, including an Irish Passport bearing the name Martin Sparitt. The man was also in possession of passports claiming he was of both Italian and French nationality.

The man has been charged in relation to the murders of two prostitutes, whom the killer contacted through personal adverts.

As previously reported, the first known victim was a 45 year old Argentinean, who was found dead in her home at Calahonda in August. Her son made the gruesome discovery when he returned home to find his mother with at least 15 stab wounds and a pillowcase tied around her neck.

A month later police discovered the body of a 47-year-old Ecuadorian born woman at her home in San Pedro. She had received 12 stab wounds to her chest and neck.

Albeit likely to be coincidental, the victims were both killed on the 10th of the month, resulting in the murderer being dubbed the “10 murderer”.

The investigation is still continuing.

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