Annual General Meeting and Monthly Lecture for October 2011 (Did EL GRECO win his Court Case?

The AGM Agenda: – Minutes of the last AGM, the Presidents Statement, the Treasurers Statement, Election of Officers, and A.O.B.

The Talk, on “El Greco’s extraordinary life”, which was postponed due to illness of the presenter earlier this year, will now be taking place directly after completion of the Annual General Meeting of the Fuengirola Branch, and both are to be held in the Hall of the Ark Christian Fellowship, Las Rampas, Fuengirola on Monday 31 October 2011.

Doors will open at 14.45, the AGM will start at 15.00 and the Lecture will commence at approximately 16.30.

The talk will be given by Liz Cochrane, who is well versed the exciting events the lead up to the El Greco’s case against the Church. The story goes that for 280 years Toledo had been a model of religious tolerance and a centre of culture where Christians, Moslems and Jews had lived in harmony… until 1492, when the Moslems and Jews were given the choice – Convert to Christianity or Leave the Country (with nothing but the clothes they were wearing.) The army converted by force; the church by the terror of the Inquisition and its informants. Any Morisco (ex-Moslem) or Marrano (ex-Jew) ran the risk of being denounced as a “false convert” by some neighbour with a grudge.

To this city came Domenicos Theotocopoulos, the man they called “El Greco” although he was not Greek but Cretan, and thus a citizen of Venice. He arrived in 1576 bringing a letter of introduction, a recommendation from Titian his former teacher, and his own strong-minded ideas. He had come to paint pictures and altarpieces for the new churches. Although his religion was Greek Orthodox, the unmistakable style of his paintings captured the spirit of Spanish Catholicism. But when the church authorities reneged on an important contract and cheated him, he denounced them and fought them in court.

Find out what happened and hear the truth about El Greco!

Attendance is free to members, and a small charge of five euro’s is charged to non-members. These talks are for you to really enjoy, and to give you an opportunity to meet like-minded people.

All are very welcome to attend. For further information contact Roy Futcher on 952662511 or look at our website on your computer browser

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