The prime Minister  said that Spain has insisted on pushing ahead with its reformist agenda

Prime Minster Rajoy said in Brussels last week that the decisions about reforms "have still not reached the people, but they will, and everything the government is doing is to that end: so the time will arrive when we have growth and employment, and you should have no doubt that this will happen".

According to the Premier, all those improvements that have taken place "should become results that our people feel themselves". That is why "it is important to turn round this situation of economic stagnation and return to a path of growth, which will help create jobs in order for Europe to be seen as an area of prosperity and well-being for our citizens".

Rajoy highlighted that some very important decisions have been taken over the last twelve months both at a national and at a European level in order to tackle the worst crisis that Europe has ever seen.

In his opinion, today no-one doubts the irreversibility of the euro or the firm political will to move forward together towards true economic and monetary union, "which is positive". He also considered, in a positive light, the fact that we are presently enjoying greater stability and confidence, which has brought certain calm to the financial markets. Mariano Rajoy underlined that many countries have made a great effort towards correcting imbalances and that in Spain we have made "an unprecedented effort from among the OECD countries".

The prime Minister said that Spain has insisted on pushing ahead with its reformist agenda, insisted on the conclusions of this European Council ratifying the commitment to break the vicious circle between banks and sovereign debt, and insisted on approval being given to the operating framework to allow the direct recapitalisation of financial entities in this first half of the year and give the go-ahead before June to the directives on bailouts and banking resolutions, and above all, on the deposit guarantee system.

Rajoy added that unemployment, and youth unemployment in particular, was a main priority and that all existing funds should be activated to alleviate this problem. He recalled that on 22 February, 15 short-term emergency measures were approved at the Council of Ministers.

Rajoy also referred to the agenda of the European Union for the coming months and insisted that it is necessary to make financing conditions easier to obtain with a view to facilitating growth. He pointed out that the risks of Europe moving away from growth coupled with its citizens moving away from Europe must be tackled, and stressed that it is necessary to combine fiscal consolidation and growth, meet the commitments acquired and move forward on greater fiscal and financial integration in both economic and political terms.

As regards the ruling handed down by the court in Strasbourg on mortgage legislation, Mariano Rajoy stated that "this is a law dating back to time immemorial, it is an ancient law that was appealed against before we came to power, and presently the only thing that matters is that the government takes a decision that respects the spirit of the ruling and that guarantees legal certainty. The government is already working on the matter and I envisage us responding to this situation at the earliest opportunity".

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