Throwing fireworks can be illegal

The Guardia Civil arrested a 40 year old man, with the initials JAMR, a resident of Pinos Puente in Granada, after he was suspected of stealing 3,500 kilos of canned tuna from a truck parked in a service area. Officers from a USECIC unit of the corps observed the vehicle parked in a lay by with the rear doors open and locks broken off. Upon investigating, they found the driver asleep in the cab, oblivious to what had happened. The officers launched a search and located a van which was carrying four pallets of the tinned fish, bearing remarkable similarities to those now missing from the truck.

Officers from the National Police have arrested the husband of a woman who was found beheaded in their home in the Seville town of Écija on Monday. The body of the woman, a mother of three children and of approximately 50 years of age, identified with the initial PMM, was found at 11:20 on Monday morning, and had been beheaded, as well as showing signs of serious head injuries. The husband was taken into custody for his own safety initially, later to be arrested on suspicion of murder.

The number of law enforcement officers keeping Spain safe appears to be dropping, with figures being released in response to a question in Congress revealing a drop of 1,821 officers between 2011 and 2012. All regions suffered a drop, with the exception of Cataluña and Extremadura. In 2011, there were 82,692 Guardia Civil and 72,457 National Police officers, which dropped to 81,941 and 71,387 respectively in 2012. However, what some might consider to be good news is that there was in increase in head office staff at the Guardia Civil, growing by 1.15% nationally.

Officers from the National Police in Vigo arrested a 47 year old man this week, accused of the illegal possession of a firearm, and for impersonating a Colonel of the Counter Terrorism unit. Officers spotted the man acting suspiciously and proceeded to stop and search him. They found an Italian made 6.35mm weapon and three cartridges, along with an identity card, which the man claimed was genuine, but upon checking, was found to be fake, further investigations revealed that the man had no license for the weapon, and the serial numbers had been altered on the firearm. He was arrested and was later found to have a police record already.

In the first year that the law was changed in which it is now illegal for under 12´s to throw fireworks, officers from the Valencia police have filed 628 complaints against individuals for misuse of fireworks during the traditional Fallas fiesta. Officers were largely focusing their attention on “parental control” of minors, so it was the parents rather than the children who would receive sanctions. In addition, safety inspections took place in 214 stores selling fireworks, which resulted in 40 complaints being filed, as well as 34,893 fireworks, the equivalent of 1,500 kilos, being seized.

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