Romanian man, Iulian G, a very good boy

Officers from the National Police based in Málaga are investigating the origin of a picture being distributed through the internet via social networks, claiming to be that of a suspected paedophile. However, the man in the picture is innocent of any crimes or suspicions, and was sent to his sister via a messaging network, who reported the matter to the police. The man is said to be disabled and has learning difficulties and was observed having stopped outside a school. Some parents felt uncomfortable about his presence and called the police who attended and questioned the man, who gave them his address and was cleared of any wrong doing or suspicious activity by them, but the innocence of a man with learning difficulties who cooperated fully did not prevent the vigilante activity from spreading his picture, including some who printed it and posted it on various lampposts and other street fixtures, for which his sister now fears for the safety of his wellbeing.

Officers from the Basque police have arrested two cemetery workers from Eibar, to the east of Bilbao, who are accused of extracting gold teeth and rings from dead bodies in the cemetery, in order to sell them. The two men, identified as OCI of 32 years of age and AMB, aged 43, took possession of these belongings when carrying out cleaning of the niches containing the corpses. The officers began the investigation after reviewing the record books at a gold buying shop in the town, finding a large number of transactions for teeth and rings in a single trade. In total, the pair had taken around a hundred gold objects.

A Romanian man of 25 years of age has been arrested in Alicante, accused on suspicion of the murder of a 45 year old man in Murcia. A second man, of 21 years of age, has also been arrested on suspicion of covering up the crime. The body of the victim was found in a house in Torre Meseguer, by a contractor hired to clean the house, hidden amongst rubble and rubbish on the outside stairwell to the second floor of the house. He had a cable tied around his neck and showed signs of violence. The suspects were tracked down this week and have appeared before the courts, pending a trial.

The Guardia Civil have arrested 21 people and charged 11 others for possession and distribution of child pornography, in three operations carried out in 19 provinces, resulting in 32 house searches. The main operation, named “Bajo Par”, was started by investigators of the technical branch of the corps in Alicante and began last May after a complaint was received of the receipt of an image disguised as something else. Some 23 internal hard drives, 17 external hard drives, four USB memory sticks, 36 DVD / CD´s, two laptops, two desktop computers, a micro video camera and a digital photography notebook were all seized in the raids.

The Supreme Court has acquitted four people who were sentenced by the Court of Cádiz for transporting cocaine in a van with the intention of selling the drug in the town of Barbate. The three men and a woman were jailed in January for at least six years, but the sentence was overturned on account of one of the prisoners being a Guardia Civil informant, and it was information provided to the corps by that informant which led to the arrest. A defence was therefore considered that the gang had not necessarily been acting in an illegal manner, in the sense that they invoked the law that puts the “offense caused” when “willingness to commit crimes arises not because of their own free decision”, but as a result of the activity of another person, in this case an agent or collaborator of the security forces, which resulted in the execution of the offense.

A Romanian man, Iulian G, who was convicted of the attempted murder of his girlfriend in 2011, after he bundled her into the boot of his car before driving it in to the Segura river in the Murcia town of Alguazas, has asked to be released from prison, because he is “being good in jail”, and he promises that he will “be a good person”, if he is released. The Attorney General has asked the court to ignore the request, especially as the trial judge had already refused to accept the man´s claims that the result of the crash was simply a road traffic accident, a matter which his intended victim was able to clarify as she successfully escaped from the vehicle, but only once the water had reached her neck.

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