Palm Sunday saw a group of Freewheelers head off to the Cuavas del Canelobre, the Cave of Chandeliers near Busot. Turning off the N332 at the Vila Jiosa turning and heading inland and up the mountain the drive is scenic and exhilarating. The road itself is newly resurfaced and very good, full of twists and turns, a route much loved by ‘bikers. This is not the shortest route from La Marina but it is by far the most interesting. The views on the way are fantastic as they are from the top.

Group discount meant entry was €3.50 instead of the normal €6.00 which included a English speaking guide. The guide is most probably a safety measure as there is not a lot you can say about a cave but our guide did keep us entertained with his humour.

He did however tell us that the temperature is a constant 17deg C summer and winter alike, that the cave was used as a factory during the civil war, employing 200 people in two ten hour shifts when the present entrance had to be dynamited to get equipment in and out.

The humour came in the form of trying to recognise the resemblance of various forms, I must not have a very good imagination as I recognised very little, least of all Bart Simpson alcove or the princess although the jelly fish were a lot easier. We also learnt how long it takes for the stalagmites and stalactites to grow which gave some idea of how old the caves must be. I have seen stalagmites before but never as tall as these. The cave is evidently the tallest is Spain and with 146 steps down I can well believe it, on the good side there are only 135 on the way back up!

Thankfully there were plenty of viewing places where we could pause and regain our breath.

In spite of my scépticism I did enjoy the visit and would recommend it to anyone.

Go there and enjoy, then go back down the road a couple of kilometres and do as we did and enjoy an excellent lunch at a very fair price.

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