THE 50+ SOLOS GROUP started supporting HELP FOR HEROES approximately 6 years ago. Before that we sent parcels to the military in Afghanistan (Forward Operating Bases). In all a total of 550 parcels were sent over 3 years with the help of friends here and my family in Beverley.

Our support for HELP FOR HEROES was at a time when little was known by the public of their work and attitudes were in some cases of total disinterest in the conditions and events our military were facing. Heartbreaking sometimes. This has changed.

Due to the fact that I was taken seriously ill whilst on a visit to the family in 2011 and bedbound for virtually 8 months. in England followed by a long recovery period here in Spain, I have made a heartfelt decision to stop supporting HELP FOR HEROES, who now have the facilities and the public’s support, and devote our fund raising to a small registered charity called HELP FOR HOMELESS VETERANS based near Barnsley. They are contacted by outside agencies, or find homeless exmilitary who need help, be it a home, a job, medical, psychologically or have no family to help them. Many have not served long enough in the Forces to qualify for aid. At present the charity is helping 12 people – found in as many weeks.

I am so pleased to have met a lady called Lyn Zaber who is actively supporting HELP FOR HEROES in the Torrevieja area so the support is still there, even stronger. Makes my decision easier – Good luck Lyn.

I could not have raised awareness or received so much money without the help of THE PAPERS, THE LOCAL RADIO AND TV COMPANY, LOCAL BARS AND BUSINESSES and not least, my special friends and the 50+ SOLOS who have supported me over 6 years plus. To receive a letter from the Warrant Oficer in charge when they had more important things to do meant so much.

Whilst in hospital in England and later in the area I met several ‘CASUALTIES’ , one BLIND. one DEAF and one an AMPUTEE with bad leg injuries….. very courageous people. I also met one a Casualty who desperately needed help after living rough for 5 years. He just cried and was mid-30s but looked 50!


Ruth Reid

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