Once again the parents of children attending the Community and Primary School Playas de Orihuela stood arm in arm last week to demonstrate at the poor conditions in which their offspring continue to be educated.

Joined by many of the teachers, the Association of Mothers and Fathers protested for half an hour last Monday prior to the opening of the center demanding "a decent school for the education of our children.”

Many of the parents expressed their anger at the neglect being shown by the leaders of the Community. One mother said that they simply can’t understand why a region with a core population of over 33,000 inhabitants has only one brick built school, and more importantly why the situation has not been urgently addressed.

The current Los Dolses School is a series of prefabricated portacabins, many of which are joined together. They were first erected in 2002, eleven years ago, and they are now desperately in need of refurbishment and repair. “In many other EU countries the buildings would be considered unsafe and quite likely condemned,” she said. “During the winter months the children are quite often without heating and many of the buildings leak quite badly when it rains.” “All we want is a decent school for the education of our children.”

Parents say that the response from the Department of Education is that the economic times we are living do not allow for any major investments, “but we know that schools are being built elsewhere in the community, in places where the prefabricated classrooms have been around for a much shorter period.”

The school itself accommodates 300 students in which teachers do great job integrating the students of many different nationalities. When the primary school children move from Los Dolses into secondary education they are transferred to the Institute in Playa Flamenca, another establishment largely made up of prefabricated buildings. As such there are children who are now leaving school who have never experienced a brick built classroom. This is a situation that cannot be allowed to continue in what is purported to be a civilized western country.

As ex-pats continue to move to Spanish shores in hope of a better life, schools are overcrowded and hopes are fading that promises of getting schoolchildren out of prefabricated classrooms will ever come to fruition as the ‘temporary’ structures show no signs of being replaced.

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