An ARM and a LEG

The good news is that the compensation offered in the case of losing a limb is one of the most obvious ways of receiving funding in the event of injury, mutilation or deformity. The bad news is that the about of compensation would be determined by the severity of the injury sustained, with each case being assessed individually.

This is according to the latest guide price issued by the department of social security in determining the compensation level due in the event of such an issue being raised. The award for the loss of a little toe might be awarded just 430 euro, whereas an arm at the elbow or a foot at the ankle, might be worth 2,940. A finger might be worth between 680 and 2,240, whereas the thumb, perhaps the most valuable digit of the modern age, is valued at 2,870 euro.

Values are also varied depending on whether the victim is left or right handed. Ordinarily, it is considered that the majority of people are right-handed, so a finger on that hand is valued at 2,420, compared with 1,810 on the left. If the person is left-handed, then the values are simply reversed.

Other body parts are also covered by the price list, with an ear being valued at 1,810, or 3,840 for the loss of both, and other facial parts reaching up to 7,940 euro.

If a man loses a testicle, the value is 2,840 euro, increasing to 6,380 for the two. This same value is also set for ladies who may lose an ovary, or both, as they are classed as the same thing in these terms. Total loss of the penis or deformation of the external parts of the female genitals would be around 6,810 euro, reducing depending on the amount or loss suffered.

Internally, the pancreas is valued at 4,540 euro, a kidney at 4,260 euro and even the thyroid and parathyroid would award the loser some 2,560 euro each.

The department has also stressed that these prices may be varied, depending on the severity of each case, as well as the circumstances surrounding the reason for the loss. For example, the figure discussed in the event of a car crash, or when an insurance company might be involved, may also take into account the income of the injured person, as well as “their responsibilities or moral damages”.

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