Orihuela Library

The councillor for Town Planning in Orihuela, Antonio Zapata, has signed the decree, ordering the “immediate closure and total decommissioning” of a newsagent booth located on the corner of Calle Oriolanos Ausentes and Avenida de la Vega, which must be completed within 20 working days, after the kiosk was found to have been selling marijuana from the unit, as reported previously in The Leader.

Despite opening to a fanfare of praise, the new library in the city of Orihuela may not be without its own problems, after it was found that the land in which the building is situated is not classified correctly for the purpose. Although this may well have been an oversight by the Partido Popular, who were in power when the plans were approved, the attempts to administratively reclassify the land by the current council were rejected, oddly enough by the Partido Popular ruling against the notion to correct their mistake and legalise the building.

The Partido Popular of Orihuela has denounced the ruling government team, as it did last year, for hiring a company to perform lifesaving duties on the coast, as the company Ambuiberica SL, employs the son of the deputy Mayor, Antonia Moreno. The company had been previously awarded the work by the former coastal councillor, Pedro Mancebo, and were the most cost effective bidder for the 21.719,50 euro contract for Easter, pending the full award for a contract to cover the summer months.

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