Acorns of drugs

A truck driver has been arrested by Guardia Civil officers in Algeciras, Cádiz, for his alleged involvement in the “biggest stash of hashish intercepted to date on national territory”, which could exceed 30,000 kilos. The vehicle was stopped as it attempted to pass the border from Tangier in Morocco and investigating officers are preparing documents relating to the find which has also been described as “historic”. The last find of this size was in 1996 when officers intercepted a shipment of 36,000 kilos which had been brought into the port of Marín in Pontevedra in the hold of a Panamanian ship. Seventeen people were arrested in that case, but the driver of the truck is the only detainee in this latest haul.

The Guardia Civil arrested a man at Barcelona, El Prat airport, who originated in Lima, via a stopover in Amsterdam, who was found to be carrying 6.6 kilos of cocaine hidden inside whole potatoes and shampoo bottles. The potatoes had been cut open and hollowed out to allow the drugs to be stashed, with the holes then being covered by dirt to make them look freshly extracted from the ground. The detainee, 49 year old Mario Julio BC, is known to the police and was made available to the courts.

The Guardia Civil of the Region of Murcia have arrested two people in Puerto Lumbreras, who were caught with 159 acorns of hashish, with a total weight of 1.7 kg, that were hidden in luggage carried in the boot of a vehicle from Almería. During a routine inspection of vehicles from Almería, a dog trained to detect drugs, marked one of the bags carried in the vehicle. After identifying the owner of the suitcase, officers proceeded to search it, where they found 61 acorns of hashish, and so arrested the owner the alleged perpetrator of a crime of drug trafficking. A second find revealed a further 98 acorns of drugs, resulting in a second arrest. Both detainees, aged 27 and 33, were of Moroccan nationality and residents of Almería.

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