C.L.A.R.O. led a protest against the discriminatory policies of the successive three-party (PSOE, Greens and CLR) and two-party (PSOE and Greens) governments towards Orihuela Costa

On 23 April, on the occasion of celebrations marking the inauguration of Orihuela’s SECOND public library, C.L.A.R.O. led a protest against the discriminatory policies of the successive three-party (PSOE, Greens and CLR) and two-party (PSOE and Greens) governments towards Orihuela Costa.

The demonstration was not against Orihuela’s second library (whereas Orihuela Costa has none) but against the failure of these successive governments in the last two years to tackle the imbalance in cultural, social and educational facilities and budgetary means in favour of Orihuela and against the coast when the city and the coast now have equal populations of some 33,000 residents.

The daily announcement of the amounts spent on books for the new library and the cost of upgrading and widening the pedestrian access to it provoked a wave of criticism and hostility in Orihuela Costa which C.L.A.R.O. considered imperative to express in Orihuela.

The grievances of the coast were shown in the banners which were displayed:

Libraries: Orihuela 2 – Orihuela Costa 0

Day Centres and Residences for Senior Citizens: Orihuela 2 – Orihuela Costa 0

Auditorium/theatres: Orihuela 2 – Orihuela Costa 0

Culture: Orihuela Surplus – Orihuela Deficit

Sale of land in Orihuela Costa – Benefits: Orihuela 100% – Orihuela Costa 0%

Improvements in Streets, Squares and Gardens: Orihuela Constant – Orihuela Costa Hardly ever
Budgetary complaint:

Give Back to Orihuela Costa Mancebo’s €75,000 for Restoration of Rubalcaba Palace

The only issue where Orihuela scored higher than Orihuela Costa was in Schools in Container porta Cabins: Orihuela Costa – 2 Orihuela 0

The decision to hold the demonstration was confirmed on Friday, 19 April when the first meeting of the Town Hall’s Committee for Orihuela Costa took place.

Having twice, in writing, opposed the holding of the meeting, the Councillor for the Coast did not attend. The government systematically refused to present any written information to the meeting in relation to the items on the agenda which included Investments, Staffing including Political Advisers, Functioning of Contracts and Cala Mosca.

Government representatives at the meeting systematically refused to answer questions and supply information. The government’s attitude towards this official organ of control in relation to Orihuela Costa infringes the rules of procedure of the local Orihuela government.

The ultra minority government’s lack of transparency and unwillingness to allow an official committee to carry out its works of holding the government to account in relation to Orihuela Costa, as well as other areas of government, brings the conduct of the government to a new low point.

Government should be in the interest of all residents not just groups of the electorate.

The present government show no concern for the wellbeing of residents of Orihuela Costa whereas it finds the means to continue to do favours for its electorate in Orihuela and surrounding villages.

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