Mancebo felt that not enough urgency was paid to ensuring the corrective work was carried out quickly.

It’s been an absolutely awful period recently for any business or operation connected with the local beaches. Thomas Herteaux who manages the Chirunguito concession has lost over a week’s worth of trade with many of his beach huts suffering extensive damage.

He has seen lots of stock ruined as well as losing many of his newly purchased sun beds and beach umbrellas as they drifted out toward the eastern Mediterranean. But hopefully, with that now behind him, and the weather pattern restored to some calm, his business can start about making up the losses that he has recently suffered.
He has a great deal of corrective work to carry out as do the council maintenance teams who are responsible for getting the beaches ready once again for use by the public.

CLR spokesman, Pedro Mancebo was the first to ask what the councillor for the Coast, Martina Scheurer and her coordinator had done to repair the damage to the beaches after the storms. He said that on Friday and over the weekend no one had worked to repair the beaches.

However Councillor for the Coast, Martina Scheurer, refutes his argument saying that she was quick to implement the cleanup at las playas de Cala Estaca, Playa Flamenca, La Caleta y Cala Capitán and she was able to see most of the corrective work carried out in time for the arrival of tourists last Wednesday on May Day.

She said that the damage caused to La Glea beach was quickly remedied with the removal of seaweed, the replacement of wooden pathways and the redistribution and levelling of the sand but the work necessary to repair La Cala would be more expensive because much of it will have to be carried out naturally. However, council employees worked until Wednesday to ensure that most of the essential work was done.

Mancebo felt that not enough urgency was paid to ensuring the corrective work was carried out quickly. He said that the maintenance company for roads and public areas "is obligated by contract to provide a fully staffed works crew to make urgent repairs of the type needed on the beaches." The truth is that they were very slow off the mark.

The storm had taken the wooden pathways over the sand from the beaches and in some cases the sea had swallowed almost the entire beaches, especially at Aguamarina, La Glea, Campoamor and La Zenia.

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