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The Mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, has reported on the importance of removing the fencing that had been installed in the 1960´s at the entrance to the fishing port in the city, whilst also remarking on the improvements that opening the road through the harbour will bring, stating that there will be two lanes created at the port entrance off the Paseo La Libertad, as well as a roundabout being painted at the confluence of the Calle Joaquín Chapaprieta with the Paseo de La Libertad, which will then continue through to the harbour wall, where the road has been fenced off for some time, and there will be an extension of cycle lanes that will offer a two kilometre run along the east harbour, as well as improve access to the main car parks in the port area, the marina complex and the existing fairground and night market, on the assumption that this will never actually move to the location it has been destined for, near the Aquopolis water park.

The Supreme Court has confirmed a previous ruling of the high court which cancels a 2007 proposal for the widening of the CV95 road between Orihuela and Torrevieja. Plans were submitted and approved in 2007 which would see land in San Miguel taken for use in the road widening scheme, but the ruling states that the plan “has ignored the general interests” of the development, as well as failing to consult alternative routes that “consume less territory”.

An investigation has been launched to ascertain the circumstances that led to a Torrevieja Local Police car, with two officers on board, crashed into a wall near the Torreta urbanisations, at around 05:45 on Wednesday morning. The officers suffered minor injuries in the crash, one of whom broke his nose and suffered grazing to his forehead having impacted with the windscreen, and both are now off work whilst they recover, but it is thought that the car is damaged beyond repair. Speculation is being raised over the recent reports that officers have been reporting a number of deficiencies and flaws in their equipment. In a statement, the officers say that they were forced into an evasive manoeuvre by another vehicle that had invaded their lane and didn´t have any lights on. They also state that they were unable to further identify the offending vehicle. The union representing the officers has said that the pair have an exemplary record of service.

The lifeless body of a 75 year old man was found in bushes between an electricity substation and the water treatment plant of Torrevieja this week. The man had been reported missing since Monday and was said to have been suffering from Alzheimer’s. Emergency teams rushed to the scene but could do nothing to save the man, with initial indications being that he had become disorientated and had died from natural causes, and was showing no signs of violence or a struggle.

Having been criticised for changing parking signs to avoid paying a fine, the councillor for public safety and the police in Torrevieja, Eduardo Gil Rebollo, is now gaining favour with some residents of the city, who have been presented with an official letter from him, complete with the town hall seal, that allows them to also ignore traffic signs and both drive and park on a pedestrianised area, despite both practices being banned. The area is the newly opened walkways near the Capdepont tourist information office. Union members representing the police who have been trying to enforce the regulations state that this is “a new nonsense” and that everybody has a duty to respect the laws, including those responsible for the police and have raised questions as to who might live in the building who deserves such special attention.

Although enjoyed by many, the annual European Day festivities in Torrevieja were marred slightly by a group of protestors using the gathered crowd as a platform for raising awareness of their dissatisfaction with the government´s policy of cuts to education, with a large group of people, with banners waving, calling for the resignation of the minister for education, José Ignacio Wert. The celebrations of European culture coincided with a strike called by education workers. Many other attendees to the event said they felt uncomfortable by the number of beggars working their way through the audience, mostly carrying signs in English, asking for donations in the streets due to their lack of employment.

The town hall of Torrevieja has remodelled the petanque playing fields located in the Parque Marta Luisa de Noruega, located in the urbanization of La Siesta, popularly used by the La Siesta Bowls Club, the XPS Club de Petanca and the Amigos Belgas de Torrevieja, formed mainly by Swedish, British, Norwegian and Belgian residents. The work has not given rise to any additional costs however, as all materials used were surplus supplies already held by the council maintenance department.

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