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Councillor for the Coast, Beaches and International Residents, Martina Scheurer, announced improvement work to the “pits” from which palm trees grow in Aquamarina. The Councillor explained that there are about 500 palm trees in this urbanization in Orihuela Costa which have been allowed to grow out of control, which have caused the roots to break the sidewalks. Scheurer has indicated that there was an evaluated report and credit retention on this project, made in 2010, but there is no explanation as to why these works have not been performed before.

“Now we must also repair the sidewalks. If that would have been done before, the damage would have been lower”, said Scheurer, who considered that the 15,000 euro originally allocated to repair the tree pits are now insufficient because they also need to fix the tiles. “A retention was made in November 2010, probably not to lose the money to come into effect for next year’s budget”, the councillor detailed and that, “neither Aniorte, nor Houliston, who said that he was not allowed to do anything and had no budget, nor Mancebo have fostered this project”, criticising the lack of action by those who took on the role of councillor for the coast before her. Scheurer has also indicated that there are many contracts, including some allocated to companies that no longer exist.

On the other hand she has pointed out that developing the specifications for remodelling La Regia Park in order to mainly evacuate rainwater have begun “It is a large park (34,000 square meters) and could be a nice meeting place”, she added, explaining that now the area turns into a “swamp” when it rains heavily. Scheurer advanced that “studies for a final drainage solution are being undertaken and I think summer is the best time to do the work”.

The councillor has indicated that the sports area will be recovered by resetting the fence and improving the sports courts. If it is in need of a high budget, the renovation project of the park will be divided into different phases.

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