Rosa Martínez and Miguel Soler

The Orihuela Councillor for Education, Rosa Martínez, has been giving a guided tour to the regional socialist deputy of education, Miguel Soler, in order to show him the state of the unfinished schools on the Orihuela Costa, so as to gather support from the regional opposition group to put pressure on the education authority to complete the building of the facilities, as the tenth anniversary is being recognised of pupils of the coast being educated in “temporary” portacabin schools.

Martínez explained that despite multiple communications and faxes sent persistently to various agencies of the Department of Education in Valencia to find a solution to this situation, the Orihuela local council has not received any reply or acknowledgement, and the regional group has cancelled two scheduled appointments with the municipal Mayor, Monserrate Guillén, in the last two months alone.

The councillor said that “there are students who have completed their entire compulsory education in barracks”, which she describes as an “educational indignity”, whilst also pointing out that the municipal council are unaware of the reasons why the work on the new secondary school, which started again in September, has since stopped.

In a direct response to his visit, Miguel Soler has announced that the Parliament Socialist Group will present a non-legislative proposal, urgently demanding that “the Department resolved the situation by implementing a clear deadline and firm schedule” for the completion of these educational facilities because it is “incomprehensible to accept that a school has been in barracks for 10 years”, which has already educated “an entire generation without having gone to a worthy school facility”.

Soler continued to explain that the Vega Baja area is one that is worse, not only because of the infrastructure problems, but also because of the “drastic cuts in the number of teachers” for the next academic year, which totals 103 between kindergarten and primary schools, of which there is no doubt will lead to a “reduction in the quality of educational provision”.

It is expected that the regional heads of education will finally pay a visit to Orihuela later this month, although there is currently still no sign of resolution to a problem that has farer reaching consequences than credit is afforded.

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