Anunciación Belchí with the mayor and an owl

The fourth place listed Los Verdes green party councillor in Orihuela, Anunciación Belchí, has resigned from her post today, effectively solving one of the two administrative problems faced by the government team.

The councillor had replaced number three on their elected list, Manuel Culiañez, who had previously resigned from his post, as councillor for the environment.

As a result, Manuel Gallud, who was operating as an unelected councillor on the government will automatically move up to position three in their list, thus promoting him to a position whereas he serves as an elected councillor.

This solves half of the problems facing the government of Orihuela, who would have stood to lose their two unelected members upon the issuing of a bulletin enforcing the ruling that having these none elected members on a government team is unconstitutional.

There is now only one unelected member serving in the minority government team, Ana Mas of the PSOE. As previously reported, the situation was also the same in Torrevieja, until the resignation of both member of their team on Monday.

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