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In a period of just three weeks, the residents of a village called El Altet have recorded 1,500 signatures, plus the support of 26 local groups, in which they collectively ask for the renaming of the airport in their town to be reconsidered, as they are opposed to it losing their local identity that “Alicante – El Altet Airport” brings, which the new name, “Alicante – Elche Airport” will destroy.

However, according to the authorities responsible for naming the airport, the neighbours of the town are wasting their time, as the official name has never carried their location identity, but rather was simply called “Alicante Airport”, and so their complaints are without grounds.

Upon submitting the petition to the local authorities, the secretary of the La Asociación Dunass group, Lidia Soler, said, “it seems a wasteful measure, because the name of El Altet is already established internationally and ineffective to attract tourists”, continuing to add that “in the event the renaming takes place, they at least show the name of the hamlet where it sits”.

The president of the Neighbourhood Association of San Francisco de Asís, Paco Casanova, said that following the resounding success of the collection of signatures in shops and on the streets of the town “politicians can now do what they want, but the important thing is that neighbours have expressed their opinion”

Councillor Manuel Rodríguez, spokesperson for the municipal group of the Partido Popular, and a resident of El Altet, said that “residents began collecting signatures as they want to confuse the public”, but he then explained that “the airport has never had the name El Altet, it has always been Alicante”.

The municipal group are holding a public presentation to clear up any confusion, enabling them to tell the residents of El Altet what the airport is actually called, and their intention to simply add the word “Elche”, because that is the municipality in which the airport sits.

Initially, when the council proposed the renaming to AENA, there were two options put forward, “Elche-Alicante” or “El Altet-Alicante”, but they eventually opted for the first.

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