Pedro Mancebo answered over 20 questions from concerned neighbours at his regular Q&A session on Thursday.

Refuse Collections:

A number of residents contacted CLR about the deterioration in the refuse collection in Orihuela Costa in recent months. Residents from La Florida, La Regia and La Zenia in particular complained that some waste bins were overflowing because they are only emptied twice a week. To make matters worse the overflow is left on the street for neighbours to pick up and place in the bins, filling them again soon after collection. With the warmer weather and increased population almost upon us, concerns were expressed about flies, rats and scavenging cats.

Pedro explained that waste collection and street cleaning costs about 10,000,000€ p/a. While he was in power he struggled to maintain a service with only 8,200,000€ that was available to him. The government has now reduced this budget by 550,000€ which will reduce the quality street cleaning and refuse collection even further. Pedro asked concerned neighbours to forward him street names, dates and photos through and he will exert positive influence on the government to get this growing problem under control

The Padrón:

There were three separate questions asked about the Padrón by confused neighbours some of whom had their names removed from the padron by the town hall who then insisted that they needed to become residents before being restored to the Padrón. Pedro quoted directly from the laws concerned that he brought with him:

Any person – illegal, legal, EU, non-EU who intends to live in (for example) Orihuela Costa, should sign on the Padrón in Orihuela Costa.

Despite Green party propaganda to the contrary you do not need a “certificate of residency” or to become a resident with “residencia” to sign on or renew the Padrón.

The town hall may remove a person from the Padrón if they believe or if they have been notified that that person is not living at the declared address.

If for any reason, a person is removed from the Padrón they can request to be restored to it without becoming a resident or producing a certificate of residency.

The Padrón is like a census. A census is not used for tax purposes. The Padrón is where you must record your wish to vote in local elections and is an important document needed to apply for other benefits.

Some national parties do not want foreign nationals signing on the Padrón and saying they wish to be on the register of electors because they know they will not win their votes and will lose seats.

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