Speeding kills!

Police officers in Tudela, the municipality with second city of the autonomous community of Navarre, and a population is around 35,000, clocked a driver of a vehicle exceeding the speed limit last week on the AP-68 as it passed through the city, registering 199 kilometres an hour on a road where the limit is 120 kilometres per hour.

The driver has been sanctioned and faces a penalty of 600 euro, luckily just being below the 200 kilometre range which would have brought a stricter sentence, but he also loses six points from his license.

Although the above information may well be quite a common occurrence, especially given the recent reports we have made about speeding and the intention to target those in the 200 km bracket, the story takes on an unusual twist when we discover the vehicle that was clocked.

A police officer involved in the case reported that the vehicles was “in service” and had a passenger in the back, although the fact that the car was in fact a hearse did mean that any complaints from the occupant were unlikely, as was any statements relating to the case that may have offered mitigation to the driver.

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