A founder member of Neighbourhood Watch in Spain (Vecinos Cooperando Colaborando de Espana) and serving on his local branch committee was robbed in his car in a Supermarket in Torrevieja.

He followed all the rules to ensure his safety and security, goods bought put into car boot, his "man bag" securely over his chest, entered driver’s seat and put the bag in the rear passenger well.

It is the SPEED of what happened next that should be a lesson to us all – no sooner than the bag landed on the floor the rear door was opened and the bag stolen (had the bag been put on the front passenger seat again the door could have been opened and the bag stolen).

The thief jumped into a waiting car and drove off. SECURITY LESSON – most cars now have manual self locking and when everyone is in the car it should be immediately self locked to prevent this type of robbery – thieves are watching very carefully and work extremely fast – so be extra careful.

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