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The government of Spain says that they have increased the number of procedures in which they no longer asks citizen to present documents already submitted by 88.18%. The statement came in response to a question in parliament by the opposition PSOE and the results of their commitments made in June 2011, when a series of measures to simplify administrative procedures and, specifically, reducing “unnecessary bureaucracy” was agreed. However, the socialists still claim that there more than 900 administrative proceedings in which the State Administration requires the submission of documents irrespective of those already held on file.

The Minister of Employment and Social Security of Spain, Fátima Báñez, and the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs of Germany, Ursula von der Leyen, have signed a cooperation agreement to promote the exchange and promotion of employment policies which creates a dual vocational training and mobility program that allow access to employment in Germany for about 5,000 Spanish youths per year. The government has launched a pilot project in several employment offices, who have been given instructions find job seekers, “preferably” those claiming benefits, prioritizing those between the ages of 20 and 45, with a minimum of high school educational level, as this group is considered to have the highest employability and are therefore easier to place.

The Spanish government has approved the new rules for rental housing, which aims to relax and encourage the market at a time when financial institutions and banks have accumulated a large portfolio of properties. The reform will “result in a greater supply of homes on the market, a greater choice of prospective tenants and a decrease in rents by increasing supply”, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Development. The reform increases legal certainty for the owner, streamlines the eviction process and reduces the duration of contracts, amendments which seek to attract investors by introducing a regulatory profile that resembles that of other European countries.

The Government has issued a tender process for bids to restore of the facade of the Basilica of the Holy Cross of the Valley of the Fallen. A total budget of 286,845.35 euro has been allocated to the work, over a four month period, at the Franco memorial, which houses the body of the fascist dictator, that was built in 1940 to “commemorate our glorious crusade”. Opposition groups are less than impressed with the investment, although those in support applaud the need to maintain an important memorial of the country´s past.

Spanish airport authority AENA has withdrawn from a contract with the municipality of Elche, whereas the council were paying 300,000 euro per year to have the local police patrol in Alicante airport. The contract was due for renewal in June, with a one month notice cancellation clause, which the airport authority have used, as they consider the fee to be unfair as the police also make money from parking fines and vehicle removals, and the airport authority pay 3,177,000 euro per year in IBI property tax to the government, which is also a massive increase to the 825,000 euro they were paying in 2010 when the airport building was much smaller.

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