Intentional neglect or forgetfulness were the main causes of the delays in renewing a driver’s licenses in Spain, but experts now suggest that in the last three years the trend has changed and it is the inability to pay for renewals which is causing a significant increase in the number of expired licenses being held.

According to José Ramón Barrionuevo, spokesperson for the Asociación de Centros de Reconocimiento de Conductores del Sureste, nearly 60% of people who want to renew their expired license are now delaying the process, with an average delay of between six and twelve months, “this is mainly because of the cause”, he says, “Because many people don´t have the 77 euro renewal cost, and so they delay renewal”.

Before the crisis, the elderly were the ones in greater numbers who were found with expired documentation, but now there is no specific age group, “there was one case of a woman who´s license was three years out of date”, said Barrionuevo.

The penalty for driving with expired license can reach 200 euro, and the likelihood is that your insurance company would not accept any claim in the event of an incident, rendering the driver personally responsible and invalidating any claims.

The group collectively state that new rules came into force nearly three years ago, which allows a much more streamline procedures and avoiding long queues at the Traffic office. Private companies can handle all of the paperwork, for a fee of course, so you don´t have to worry about the procedure yourself.

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