Two local choirs, Crescendo International formed in 2004, and Mas Coral Jose Hodar reformed in 2004, not only shared the same year of inauguration but also shared the same stage on Sunday 19th May at the Virgen del Carmen theatre.

Though very different in style, language and presentation, they both ably proved that music unites and bridges cultural divides. Mas Coral Jose Hodar sang 6 songs (without books) in Habaneras style. Habaneras music was brought to Spain from Cuba before the 20th Century. It is still popular in Andalusia, Valencia and Catalonia, especially in port towns such as Torrevieja. Argentine tango uses Habaneras rhythm. The choir number 53 in total; 19 men, 23 ladies and 11 stringed instruments (6 guitars and 5 mandolins).

Next came Crescendo with a choir of 37 singers, 9 men and 26 ladies accompanied by 1 superb pianist. This international choir has many members whose first language is neither Spanish nor English but their programme included songs in Spanish, English and Zulu. Their leader, Irene Oliva, is Spanish and has conducted the choir for the past 2 years. For various reasons the number of men singers has fallen from former years. The 9 men who performed must be commended on the sound they produced but if this choir is to further improve Irene would welcome more applications from men. The details for contacts are on their website

The closing songs of the concert, “My Way” in English and “Torrevieja” in Spanish were sung jointly by both choirs. What a great way to learn a new language! These choirs certainly did it ‘Their Way’ and gained prolonged applause and cheers from the audience. The chairman of Crescendo, Mary Mitchell presented Miguel Guerrero, the Coral leader, with an inscribed plate as a gesture of appreciation to the musical union of the two local choirs. All ticket proceeds and a retiring collection are for the Red Cross.

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