Teacher exams

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports has received a total of 7,305 applications for potential candidates looking to fill one of the newly approved teaching positions across the region.

Of the 7,305 applicants, 2,464 are from the province of Alicante, 829 from across Castellón and 4,012 from the Valencia province.

The examination and selection process will commence in full soon, but the biggest problem facing the 7,305 job seekers is the fact that there are just 240 posts for teachers, as well as an additional 60 jobs in vocational training.

Breaking down the availability of vacancies, they are also spread across different disciplines, 70 posts being specifically for English language teachers, 50 jobs in nursery schools, 80 for teaching “special needs”, including 50 for hearing and language, the remaining 30 for Therapeutic Pedagogy 30. There are also 20 posts for physical education, and another 20 for music.

The remaining posts are also across a variety of skill sets, from hospitality and cooking to family health and sciences, and 4 who would be specifically looking to teach in the hairdressing sector.

Having assumed that an applicant is capable and qualified for the roles required above, the matter of equality is the next hurdle facing them, with 7% of the places having to go to applicants with a disability equal to or above 33%, so that, gradually, 2% of the total workforce of teachers would be disabled. Should there not be enough disabled people to meet the numerical requirement, the posts would then be opened up to everybody.

The completion of the first test stage will take place on the 25th of June, the last test on the 13th of July, with a view to having the results available on the 23rd of July, so that candidate can see if they are able to go through to stage two of this prestigious employment scheme.

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