The site of La Regia Park

The councillor for the coast of Orihuela, Martina Scheurer, visited the La Regia park this week, along with a team of engineers, with a view to proceed with the action plans to rectify faults and improve the area.

The site has become one of issues for many years, being on a downhill channel of rain water direct to the sea, often flooding in heavy rains, and becoming neglected for many years, with allegations of the site being ignored by every councillor in the position to take action for that time, it is now hoped that a full and staged plan of action may soon be submitted for financial approval.

A number of requests and suggestions have been tabled recently, most of which would be far too costly to achieve, given that the site of the park is below the normal ground level. A suggestion for building a road right through the centre being the most costly suggestion, as this would require the levels to be raised, whilst channels are still maintained to allow the follow of water to prevent the properties nearby flooding. This road would also split the park into two and waste a lot of space in what is considered to be potentially the largest green plot of land on the coast.

Instead, once approved by the engineers who are able to calculate and predict the flow of water, there will be a two stage process, according to the councillor, the first which should be achievable relatively soon, subject to financial approval of course, the second being a more long term goal with an ambitious plan that would create a focal point for generations to come.

For stage one, there would be a new multi-purpose sports field created, much like the one that already exists, but this will be built on the higher land to the west of the existing feature, in the area where the “pétanque” courts are. The benefits of this site are that it is raised above the ground level already, thus requiring less time, effort and expense. Once completed, the existing sports field will then be destroyed, with this area being redesigned as a channelling section for the water, but would ultimately include such fixtures as exercise equipment and an area for young people to practice on their bikes or skateboards, all around the practical fixtures of the water channels, albeit this is included in the stage 2 development.

As part of stage 2, the larger area to the west of the “pétanque” courts would be totally transformed. The plan includes a running circuit around the entire perimeter, which could be used as part of the other equipment to develop your own fitness regimes, or for tournaments and competitions, as well as community based initiatives. Around this track there would be plants, herbs and flowers, all former their own part of an interactive, natural feature for both learning and simply enjoying. More “cross training” equipment will be added to this area too, along with a fenced off and feature rich area designed specifically for the exercising and training of dogs, an idea that was reinforced when the councillor witnessed two residents trying to train their dogs on the existing land, albeit with not a great amount of success.

Martina Scheurer then pointed out that both of these stages will be expensive, but the long term values are clear. The equipment would have to be of the highest quality to sustain the long term wear and tear of the coastal area, as well as being located on this water flow.

Despite the costs though, by keeping the projects to within certain budget restraints, there is no reason why stage 1 couldn´t start immediately after the engineers have approved the requirements for the water flow. Stage 2 will take longer to get approval, but there is still nothing that prevents the planning stage being completed, which is the first process required before the work goes for that all important stage, so that too will be continuing in the background.

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