The National Police arrested six minors for offences relating to the production and distribution of a sexually explicit video starring two girls, one described as being a “very young” girl.

After recording the video, it was sent him through an instant messaging application for smartphones to a friend, also a minor, who in turn shared it among their contacts. As well as through smartphones, the video was quickly shared by thousands of Internet users in the network, including via YouTube, but prompt action managed to control the spread.

A number of concerned members of the public reported their suspicions to the police, whilst officers also received reports through their Twitter account, @policia, warning of the possible circulation of a video containing a young girl.

The National Police sent messages immediately through their own social network sites, warning potential distributors that they would be guilty of a criminal offence if they forwarded any type of video and image of this type. The officers also contacted the technical specialists who managed to enforce a controlled stop through the computer system.

In a statement, the National Police have issued a reminder that producing, selling, distributing, displaying, offering, possessing or providing, by any means, pornographic material involving minors is a crime.

They have also provided an email address where such videos and images, as well as reports and suspicions, can be sent, which is denuncias.pornografí

The National Police also provides more than 100,000 hours of training per year in nearly 5,000 schools across Spain. Information and training for students, teachers and parent associations on drugs, alcohol, bullying, safety and, especially, in the safe use and privacy using new technologies.

As part of that training, the police offer these tips for children –

  • Take special care with photos, videos, and content of all kinds that are shared on the Internet.
  • Taking photos of an erotic nature and / or sharing them is always a mistake. Situations can lead to blackmail or sexual cyberbullying or harassment in the school environment (grooming or bullying).
  • Do not record or “pass” these images of other people, as it is a crime.

Also, they offer advice and tips for Parents –

  • Give your child confidence to discuss these issues without fear.
  • Give the children guidelines for the proper use of social networks and smartphones.
  • Be present when your child is connected to the Internet to see what content is accessed.
  • Use programs that filter access to certain content.
  • Educate your child about the benefits but also the risks of the Internet.
  • Alert your child to the risk of intimate online conversations with strangers.
  • If your child reports content that makes you feel uncomfortable (of a sexual type) give it the importance it really has and report it.

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