Tchin tchin

You work hard all week, or perhaps live off a pension, maybe you´re out of work and struggling to get by, there are many reasons why life is hard and often the little luxuries in life can make all the difference, right? Well, what if you could make up your own prices, would that help?

If you are lucky enough to treat yourself to a night out once in a while or maybe just breakfast, or a coffee, check out the price very carefully. In fact, imagine it now. Let us go on a journey and think of our local café bar and think about breakfast. How much are you going to pay?

So, now think to yourself, “What if…?” what if you could set a price that is lower than street value. Shall we say 85 cents for a coffee, how does that sound? How about our full breakfast? I´ll tell you what, I will do that for just 1,05 euro. You´re liking this already, I can tell.

Moving on, let´s go for a drink, how about a Gin and Tonic, what would you like to pay for that? I´ll tell you what, I will do it for 3,45 euro, all in. Okay, okay, perhaps Gin isn´t to everybody´s taste, sometime you need a bit of luxury, so I can also offer you seven year old Havana Rum, a snip at just 5,65€.

Did we skip lunch? Oh, my goodness me, how remiss of me. Today we offer a two course menu, with dessert, for 9 euro inclusive. You will have to serve yourself though, I am nobody´s slave! Sound attractive enough?

One more thing, before you get carried away. In a Chris Tarrant and Who Wants to be a Millionaire sort of way, I will also lock those prices down until 2015. After all, I don´t want you having any sudden shocks now, would I.

So, in the words of a very famous Queen song, “Is this the real life, is this just fantasy?” Well, fantasy, obviously, at least for you and me. But, the funny thing is, if you are a member of the Spanish Congress, he this story is in fact very much real life. As part of the terms of providing the service of a café and bar in Congress, the members get to set their own prices. Thank goodness no small business owner or worker is going to profiteer from the democracy process, that´s what I say.

If you want to know the justification for this, it´s because they have to work “odd hours” depending on the demand of the house. Well, that´s okay then. Us peasants would never have to work in such squalid and harsh conditions, would we?

Tchin tchin.

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