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Foreigners who visited Spain in the first four months of the year spent 13.337 million euro, 7.5% more than in the same period of 2012. According to the latest survey data released by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism in the month of April, international tourists visiting Spain spent 4.031 million euro, 5.5% more than the same month of 2012. The average spending per tourist per day also rose. French tourists gave the biggest increased though, followed by those from the Nordic countries and then the UK. Until April, UK tourists spent 2.288 million euro, up 3.9%, followed by Germany with 2,208 million, a slight increase of 0.4%, whereas the largest increases in spending in the first four months of the year was from French tourists, up 27.6% to 1.412 million euro.

French DIY store Leroy Merlin has announced healthy sales figures in Spain in 2012, despite the economic crisis, as turnover fell by just 0.4% to 1.44 billion euro, compared to 1.46 billion 2011. In a statement, the data reveals that they have served more than 44 million consumers annually in their network of 55 stores throughout Spain. Last year, the company invested more than 160 million in the opening of seven new centres, which involved the creation of 800 jobs.

Shoppers are starting to notice the newly issued 5 euro notes starting to be handed out. Having come into force early this month, the 5 euro is the first of the new series which will be introduced gradually over the next few years, in ascending order. The notes come with a warning from the European Central Bank to retailers though, with a statements saying, “While many banknote authentication devices are already able to recognise the new €5, it will take some time for all devices in the euro area to be adapted. If you own or use devices that do not recognise the new notes, please contact the supplier or manufacturer as soon as possible.”

The number of 500 euro banknotes put into circulation is down 1.09% in April, with just 90 million units being available across the country, the same levels recorded in 2005, according to the Bank of Spain. Annually, there are now 8.16% less notes of this value, down from the 98 million registered notes in April 2012. In October 2005, there were 88 million out there. Since then, the number of notes hasn´t stopped rising, reaching its peak in 2007, before the crisis, with 114 million units, 21% more than the figure recorded in April this year.

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