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Agents of the National Police have recovered two works of art by Picasso and Joan Miró, which were stolen in 2010 from an exhibition hall in Málaga. The pictures named “The Owl” and “Portrait de Famille” by Pablo Ruiz Picasso, and a woodcut on paper by Joan Miró, belong to a private collector who permitted the display. After a three year investigation, officers made contacts in the Czech Republic, ultimately resulting in the arrests. The operation is still open though, in order to fully clarify the facts and it is possible that there will be further arrests.

A 38 year old local police officer from Valencia, who is off work on sick leave suffering depression, has been arrested after allegedly tracking down a 55 year old former employee of Bankia, who is now retired, stabbing him four times. It is alleged that the officer may have been affected by the share price of the bank. The stabbing victim was taken to hospital in a serious but stable condition, whereas the police officer was arrested at his home around three hour after the early evening incident.

A former local police officer from Girona has been arrested, following the discovery of the body of a woman and another seriously injured in a residential area of Caldes de Malavella, The detainee was arrested accused of the attempted murder of his wife, with whom his relationship was said to be coming to an end, and for the murder of her sister. The wife was taken to hospital, suffering stab wounds. The other woman is also believed to have died as a result of stabbing. The couple had two children.

Information has been released this week that shows the National Police have arrested the director of a none profit group who accepted food from the Food Bank in Madrid and distributed it to the needy of the area, after surveillance revealed that she had been selling the food in her restaurant in Alcalá de Henares. The arrest of Ana María D took place following a complaint from the chef at the restaurant, who reported various items of food had labels indicating that they were banned from being sold, which were then cooked and served to guests in the restaurant. She now faces two counts of fraud as well as an offence of usurpation of civil status, although in her defence she has stated that it was a plan hatched by her ex-boyfriend.

The National Police are investigating the discovery of the body of a newborn baby next to a bridge on the Serpis River, as it passes through the town of Gandia. The announcement of the discovery was made on Thursday afternoon stating that the police and fire patrols attended the scene but found that the baby had already dead. An investigation has been launched to ascertain the details about the identity of the baby and the circumstances surrounding the find.

The National Police have broken up a family group dedicated to sexually exploiting women, who were also forced to commit thefts in tourist areas. They operated in the Raval area of Barcelona and two strip clubs in Terrassa and Lleida. The heads of the gang were three brothers who subjected their victims, among whom was the wife of one of them, to degrading and humiliating experiences. Ten people, of Romanian, Spanish and Russian nationality have been arrested and the mother and sister, who reside in Romania, have also been charged.

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