S63 Marsopa

Cartagena built Spanish naval submarine S-63 Marsopa, sister of Torrevieja´s static museum piece S61-Delfín, has been sold this week for 90,000 euro. With a starting price of 68,035 euro, bidding was hotly fought between Italian, Turkish and Spanish companies, with ASTESA, who are fortunate enough to be based in Murcia, being victorious. Launched in 1975 and decommissioned in 2006, one of the original plans was to host it as a monument in a plaza in the city of Cartagena, but the ministry of defence decided that selling the submarine was a better option. However, the terms of the sale mean that the only use for the ship is for scrap, as she is unable to set sail again and will be stripped beyond recognition, the last bit of life chopped away for scrap.

The Navy patrol ship, “Infanta Elena”, has intercepted a research ship called “Endeavour”, which they believed was carrying out underwater surveys in order to locate sunken ships in waters off the coast of Málaga. The patrols had been carrying out surveillance for months, and ordered to stop treasure hunters in Spanish waters of the Alboran Sea, on its continental shelf. The patrols noticed the ship performing sweeping movements, which corresponded to the classical patterns of ship wreck hunters, which prompted the interception and she was ordered to leave the area, directed towards Algeciras in Cádiz, accompanied by the “Infanta Elena”, who then transferred the operation to the Guardia Civil.

The Spanish government is slashing 17% off the budget for the Pizarro armoured vehicle, reducing the cost to just 163 million euro. The plan will be to reduce the number of vehicles from 190 to just 117 and include integrated logistics support for five years, thus reducing spending through 2030 from 949.95 million to 786.95 million euro. The company currently under contract, Santa Bárbara Sistema, has announced a redundancy package affecting 593 workers and the closure of their factory in La Coruña, but the government are stating that their restructuring has nothing to do with the reduction in the Pizarro program.

The last radar system in operation with the United States across Spain, the AN-FPS-113 and AN-FPS-90, on service as part of an agreement since 1953, are about to end their service with the Spanish Air Force. The network was spread across the entire country, but has been replaced in recent years by the 3D system manufactured by the Italian company Alenia and the Spanish company Indra. The final EVA-2 station, in the city of Toledo and operational since 1957, is the last to leave service, to make way for the modern RAT-31 radar system. “This continues to ensure full coverage of all flights that fly over Spain from twelve squadrons, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, provided by the Command and Control System of the Air Force and all the information necessary to control Spanish sovereign airspace”, a report from the Air Force said.

The Ministry of Defence has opened the bidding for the new Framework Agreement for the supply of medicines and other healthcare products to pharmacies of the armed forces. The contract has an estimated value of 14,732,142.84 euro and will run for one year extendable by another. Lots will be awarded in four groups, defined by geographic area. The deadline for submission of offers expires on the 7th of June, if you happen to be in a position to bid.

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