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Guardia Civil Guard officers have arrested two people In Torrevieja, a man and a woman of 36 and 38 years of age respectively, and of Spanish nationality, on suspicion of burglary, following a complaint that items of jewellery had gone missing from inside a property, without any signs of forced entry.

Officers launched an investigation into the case, monitoring the suspects for around two months, including checking records of property sales at establishments where stolen items could have been disposed of.

They identified similarities in four cases when items had gone missing, and the same man was shown as a seller of goods that coincided with those reported missing.

In addition, the cases they identified were all in the same location as where the prime suspect lived, the continuing investigation subsequently bringing officers to the conclusion that the man, and a woman, were jointly involved.

Having gathered sufficient evidence confirming the couple’s alleged involvement in the crimes investigated, officers requested judicial authorization to conduct a search of the house they occupied in Torrevieja, recovering 32 keys, various tickets for “pawned” items of property, 6 pieces of jewellery and 5 watches, many of which matched the descriptions of items reported stolen, later to be confirmed as property taken from the homes where the incidents had occurred.

The investigation notes reveal that the woman was responsible for selecting targets and would then gain the trust of the owners over time, subsequently being offered the keys for performing tasks such as those relating to “property management” in the absence of the owners, or offering services such as dog walking.

Once the keys were in their possession, the thieves were then able to access the property at will, sometimes together but also separately, whilst the owners were away, then removing items of value without raising suspicion.

Once the thefts had been carried out, it was the man who then took responsibility for transforming the items into cash, selling the stolen objects.

The couple have been made available to the Court in Torrevieja.

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