The 59th International Contest of Habanera and Polyphony, to be held from 22 to 28 July, will be the most technology advanced so far where, for the very first time, the Eras de la Sal will offer a free WIFI service to members of the cast and the audience throughout the duration of the entire competition.

The move is intended to encourage interaction and real-time feedback through social networks, with the vice president of the festival Cllr Luis María Pizana, inviting the entire audience to use the networks to upload their photos, onto twitter and facebook, in real time.

He said that the official Habaneras page (www.facebook.com/certhabaneras) already has nearly 2,000 followers. In the coming days the organizers will incorporate a section for photographs which will be called ‘I was in the Certamen … and saw you’, where it is hoped that those attending will upload their images and their impressions of the competition providing a far greater perception than has ever previously been possible.

The event will also be broadcast online, absolutely free of charge, thanks to an agreement between the Habanera and Television Board of Torrevieja. Thus, the seven concerts can be followed from anywhere in the world through the web-enabled link www.habaneras.org.

Pizana said that the competition website, www.habaneras.org has already begun to show a large increase in visitor traffic and it is expected to reach the highest levels during the days on which the competition is held. During the 2012 festival there were about 6,000 visitors from 60 different countries, on each of the eight evenings of the event. Almost four hundred media representatives are already registered to attend the concerts.

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