Accompanied by various Municipal and ACUAMED officials, the mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolon, expressed his satisfaction with the progress being made as he toured the site of the Barrio San Roque refurbishment, which will see the replacement of over 50,000 square meters of pavements, the resurfacing of 115,000 square meters of unpaved roads and the installation of 380 LED lamps with a light capacity ten times greater than that formerly in place, benefitting from an energy saving of nearly 70%.

He said that the total investment totaled almost 5 million euro and would result in fully accessible pavements as well as a major improvement to the safety of all pedestrians particularly those in society who are disabled or elderly. The first phase of the works would be completed in less than two weeks time.

The second phase will then be carried out between September and October which will include the paving of the inner streets within a small area of the district.

The mayor said that the refurbishment of Barrio San Roque is part of the Land Restitution Plan intended as compensation for the construction of the desalination plant in Torrevieja, which has been built at an investment of nearly 300 million euros. the Deputy Director of Engineering and Construction ACUAMED, Gabriela Mañueco, said that the Torrevieja desalination plant is now fully completed and its water production systems are currently being tested.

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