Following the decommission of the Mirage F-1M from the Los Llanos Air Base in Albacete, it now looks like the Spanish government may have found somebody to take these retired aircraft from them.

The Argentinean ministry of defence has confirmed that they are in talks with their Spanish counterparts with a view to transferring the ownership of the aircraft to the Argentine air force.

The decommissioned planes were modernised in the 1990´s and are a fleet of 51 single seat fighters and 4 two seat trainers, with modern navigation and weapons system, although not quite modern enough to satisfy the needs considered vital to the Spanish, with their laser guided missiles and high precision autonomous navigation systems, using integrated GPS, which provide information to a mission computer which allows the plane to reach their targets in the optimum time.

The Argentinean minister said, “We are working with the Government of Spain, in an important possibility to consider the Mirage for fulfilling an important role”.

The aircraft in Spain has been replaced by the Eurofighter, which is also one of the programs to benefit from around half of the recent 877 million euro injection of additional funding from the Spanish government.

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