According to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, in 2011 the bank debt of the small town of San Miguel de Salinas was just over half a million euros, a figure that represented 12% of the budget. A year later, the debt had risen to 3,174,286 euros, an increase of 539% , now far more than half of the annual budget of the town, € 4,648,268 euros, at 63%.

The Board of Directors of the local Residents Association ‘San Miguel Arcángel’ are disgusted with the increase saying that Council spending has now got completely out of control

As the rate at which new properties are being built, sold and occupied, has declined they claim that the attitude of the political representatives elected to serve in San Miguel de Salinas has been irresponsible, speculative and wasteful of public resources, resulting in a growing debt that the townsfolk cannot sustain and mortgaging the town’s future.

They say that the public is overwhelmed by the mismanagement of these politicians, and as a result of a lack of financial information they now require the municipal corporation to clearly explain where the extra money, ‘Our money’, has been spent. They also demand that members of the public are consulted prior to any future major and that their agreement be obtained as to how any additional debt is repaid.

A spokesman for the Board said that the town cannot spend what it doesn’t have and when the time comes for the mayor and his cronies to move on they will do so without any concerns themselves as the responsibility for repaying the overspend created by their lack of fiscal control will be left in the hands of local taxpayers.

They further denounce the fact that during the ‘boom years’ the council was not able to save a single euro in anticipation of any downturn, insufficiency in which could be their undoing.

Last week the mayor found himself under increasing pressure from the Association once again to dismiss the councillor for health. It has been more than four months they say, since the councillor, Valero Basilia Zafra, was asked to respond to appeals by the public regarding a lack of doctors in the Centro de Salud where current staff are being expected to treat patient loads that are more than double the national average. They say that she also suffers a conflict of interests arising from her working as an employee in the company that actually runs the health centre.

The Association says that it cannot understand why matters of such importance have not provoked a response or statement from the Councillor.

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