Ajax - A hero. RIP DEP

Tragic news spread across law enforcement, security services and animal lovers alike today, with the announcement that one of their most treasured animal companions had passed away.

Ajax the dog shot to fame in 2009, when assigned to royal protection duties, she was sent to the island of Mallorca to check for security risks prior to the King of Spain taking his holidays there.

The next day, in the town of Palmanova at Palma de Mallorca, an ETA terrorist car bomb exploded under a Guardia Civil vehicle, killing two young officers instantly. Ajax went to the scene and successfully located another bomb under another patrol car, complete with motion detector, armed and ready to explode, intending to take even more lives. Thanks to Ajax´s intervention though, the area was cleared and a controlled explosion carried out, which dispersed shrapnel over a 100 metre radius.

There is no doubt that the actions of this dog, and his handler, Sergeant Juan Carlos Alabarces, saved the lives of countless people, with even the UK´s PDSA awarding Ajax the highest bravery award possible for his work in saving lives, the canine equivalent to the George Cross. The Gold Medal of the PDSA is considered the highest honour that can be delivered to an animal for an act of outstanding courage or exceptional dedication to duty and social commitment.

Shortly after the ceremony, Ajax was invited as guest of honour at a very regal lunch date, so that King of Spain himself, Juan Carlos, could thank Ajax personally for his work.

At 12 years of age, Ajax still continued to serve in the Guardia Civil, albeit on lighter duties in his mature days, and the tragedy of his death will never dispel the legacy that this one dog could leave, a hero on four legs, for whom many owe their lives.

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