Imagine… You’re sat at home in your chair relaxing in front of your television watching the evening’s viewing. Just a few hours earlier you thought about popping down to the local shop to buy a Powerball lottery ticket but, instead, you decided to stay put and bought your Powerball lottery ticket online instead.

Time ticks away and the draw is held across 43 American States and you decide to check the results on your favourite lottery website for lottery numbers. You’ve won! And not just a few dollars! Because this week, the jackpot prize was a WHOPPING $400 million! The kind of money that could set you and your family and friends up for life! The kind of money which would pay off the mortgage, allow you to buy a bigger home, a nicer car, or even put the kids through a good college education.

You can barely believe your luck. You check you other favourite lottery website, the Powerball lottery blog, which confirms your wildest dreams! A small chuckle and off you wander to the fridge to open that bottle of budget champagne which you’ve had sitting there for a while. You take a deep breath. You relax. Tonight, you’re a millionaire!

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