Sid with a Stingray

Shore Fishing.
‘Tubby Jimmy’ caught his nickname fish, a tub gurnard, off the rocky arm opposite the Indalo Hotel. ‘London Bill’ has been catching small melva tuna and mackerel from Macenas Beach and rocks.

Boat Fishing.
‘Pugwash Pete’ has been out fishing this week with three lads from the pueblo. Gabriel caught a few small snappers, mackerel and pickerels. Simon had some good sized mackerel, snappers and pickerels. Keith came into his own with three nice sized stingrays and some mackerel. Pete followed this with two stingrays of his own. Four rays were returned but Pete kept one to see if they taste like skate!

Interestingly but not a surprise to me that all the stingrays were caught on bottom rigs baited with prawn but offered mid-water and about 65 feet off the bottom. Obviously like our floated live and dead bait methods of tempting them it is bringing the fish up off the bottom to feed.

Another great day’s fishing. See photos of Sid with a stingray.

‘Orca Steve told me, “The Tuna are back!” and he’s been catching small melva and bonito trolling. I had noticed a few more Spanish boats using extra fuel so presumed as much.

Most other fish seemed to be hanging about the same areas so that is where Steve has been concentrating his efforts to catch fish. The whole area around the Rio Aguas (Abajo) seems to be keeping the fish busy feeding especially on the wash in areas from the sand banks into the old river bed. He’s had several good days dangling a prawn there with the most memorable moment being ‘Squiddly Sid’ catching two stingrays on the same trip. The first being taken on a float fished live-bait and the second on a standard prawn baited trace. The rays gave him a good fight and it was a first for Sid who was over the moon with his day’s catch.
The conditions have been pretty kind to Steve over the past few days giving friends old and new the chance to have some good fishing catching pandoras, pickerels, weavers, bogues, cleaver wrasse, red snappers, single and banded bream, couch bream, mackerel and Atlantic scad.

On most trips out they trolled for 1/2 hour and caught mackerel, a lizard fish, a weaver and of course the small tuna (which were returned to grow on).

(One of Steve’s mates caught a tuna I’ve never seen before; it had vertical stripes like a wahoo! Watch this space next week)

Louisa with bogues.

Coarse Fishing.

‘Baza Barry’ fished Lake Puentes in Lorca and another day at Lake Argos near Calasparra, both venues being in Murcia.
Well, where did this year go, as this week was the final match of the 2012/2013 ‘Rods and Reels’ season. The venue was the River Segura in Murcia Town.

They have not fished this venue for some time and nature is really taking its own back. For those who know the venue there are now only eight pegs up to the road bridge and 5 pegs up to the Crystal bridge, all the rest being reeds and across the river as well. So much for the water authority cleaning the place up. The fishing was also very patchy with more than half the field failing to break 20lbs, this could have been due to the fact that the river was about a foot up on normal, although not flowing that fast.

Also they had a visit from the police who checked everybody´s licence and insurance, they also reiterated that you could not leave your vehicle on the pathway behind and it must be parked in the car park. They will fine you if you leave it there. You have been warned.

Top Rods on the day
1st Neil (The Boy) McBirnie fishing the pellet feeder using pellet with 70.1/3lbs.
2nd Alan (The Chairman) Reid fishing the feeder using bread and with 35.2/3lbs.
3rd Dave (The Sweetie Man) Hutchinson fishing the pole using paste with 33.1/3lbs.

With the new season starting 4th September 2013 now is the time to join and have a complete fishing season either for matches or pleasure. The club has some vacancies at present, if you are interested in joining please contact Derek Swann on 966729293 or 603535771.

‘Abbey Angling’ fished at Nancy’s, the water level there was down about a foot and a good colour, but the flow was down as usual above the boom and the top sluice was running fast but this dissipates after it enters the river.

There were no dry nets this week although fishing was still hard going for some of the anglers; it seemed to be maggot and sweet corn being the baits of the day.

1st Terry (Swing em) Screen with 40.1/2lbs fishing the pole using maggot
2nd Andy (The Web Man) Stevenson with 23.2/3lbs fishing the pole using pellet and sweet corn
3rd Dave (Yours Truly) Hoare with 20.2/3lbs fishing the Pole using Bread
The Albox fishing club meets every two weeks or so at Bar Wassy. For details of the next meeting tel Sid 634 313 650.

Latest license information.

There is a new loophole for those without a nie number who want an Andalucian beach and/or boat fishing license. It will mean a trip in person to Almeria with a friend who has a nie number and has a 50/50 chance of working! The other loophole for fishing the beaches and boats in Andalucia without an NIE document is to make a trip to Murcia.

Or the new UK sea fishing license should suffice BUT although we have been told this can be used here I have not seen a copy of this rule on paper and so it could be a problem if pulled up by the police who probably don’t know about the rule.

There is now a loophole for those wanting coarse fishing licenses for Andalucia who don’t have NIE documents or/and don’t want to do the 24 hour course in Spanish, see me for more details. There is talk of an agreement between all regions for any license to be used elsewhere, watch this space.

I’m pleased to report the Beachcomber’s three web cams are working again and the other good news is they work on both 32 and 64 bit systems and on any browser so checkout Mojacar’s weather and Mediterranean Sea conditions here.

For up to date information on any of the above see John at the Beachcomber Bar Restaurant on Mojacar Playa or tel 950 473 099. In case of difficulty reaching me (Probably out fishing) ask staff for my mobile number. You can also contact me on Facebook @ ‘John Beachcomber Mojacar’.

Tight lines, Beachcomber John.

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