Overflowing bins in Torrevieja

The opposition PSOE in Torrevieja, with the support of the Los Verdes, along with countless complaints from residents, has denounced the state of the streets on the municipality, and the lack of cleaning and rubbish collection, which they say seems to get worse as you move away from the centre of the city. Dora Fernández from the PSOE said that the company carrying out the work “is clearly overwhelmed and unable to fulfil their contract, not just during the summer, but throughout the year”, and blames the government team for allowing this to continue, “When what we should do is demand that the city clean without excuses”. Overflowing dustbins, plagues of rats, smell and piles of rubbish left next to bins are all commonplace on the streets of the municipality, which makes Torrevieja “so dirty that some days it is closer to being a landfill than a paradise by the sea”.

As the last summer tourists came destined for the coast prior to Thursday´s holiday, Torrevieja became the scene of complete gridlock the night before, with police and traffic managers helpless in trying to ease the flow caused by the volume of traffic travelling on the overstretched arterial road network. The three main routes into the city of Torrevieja, the N332 on the coast and the CV905 and CV95 from inland areas, all ground to a halt on Wednesday evening, as the usual concentrations of traffic were exaggerated by the increase in those on local trips such as visiting areas like the Zenia Boulevard.

The Young Socialists of Torrevieja have arranged a direct action campaign to tackle beach cleanliness in Torrevieja, by organizing a number of visits to the beach whereas their members go about reminding tourists, visitors and residents alike of the importance of keeping the beaches clean. In particular, they want to raise awareness of the environmental damage that cigarette butts, chewing gum and other materials can cause to the natural environment, by pointing out that “the story of Torrevieja is closely tied to its natural heritage and it is everyone’s job to protect and conserve it”.

Some 30 of Torrevieja´s 160 Local Police officers are enjoying the summer off work, at a time when the city is at its busiest, all thanks to the working time agreements implemented a few months ago by the previous councillor in charge of their management. Although the situation seemed to have more resolution after councillor Agustina Esteve took over the role, they still lack complete agreement over working hours, according to one union representing the officers.

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