Vulture rescue

Local Police in the town of La Font d’En Carros, near Gandía, found a group of 58 dogs, mostly greyhounds, all in poor condition, some of them sick, locked in a compound covered with corrugated iron, without water or food. The Police then took action to rescue the dogs, in collaboration with the environmental group of the Guardia Civil, SEPRONA, before filing a case of clear animal abuse. All of the dogs were checked by a vet, with around fifty of them being cleared to be looked after by local residents, six of the dogs were handed to a greyhound rescue group, Galgos112, in Girona.

The Negre Voltor foundation were this week involved in the rescue of a juvenile black vulture (Agepyus monachus), found in the Sant Vicenç area of Pollença on the island of Mallorca. The bird had been spotted in sea rocks near the creek by several divers, who called the foundation as they were aware of the protected status of the animal. Specialist handlers rushed to the scene, along with the Guardia Civil and Local Police who supported them in their rescue, before the bird was captured and taken into veterinary care.

The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and the Environment of Valencia has launched a new project intending to reintroduce the lesser kestrel into the municipality of Camporrobles, after successes with the reintroduction made in the Valle de los Alorines, in Villena , and the Palancares de Meca in Ayora , which has seen the recovery on more than 100 nesting pairs in the region.

The Guardia Civil in Albuquerque have arrested a 59 year old farmer, accused of theft and forgery, after an investigation into the whereabouts of 19 sheep that disappeared from neighbouring farms. Following a complaint, the officers, accompanied by an Extremadura government approved vet, examined the sheep and found the markings they displayed where painted over the originals, as had the labels clipped to the ears of the animals. The law enforcers left and obtained a court order, thus returning to the farm, only to find that the sheep were all in fact legitimate, baffling the investigators for a moment, until they discovered that the farmer had swapped those checked with genuine animals. The deception was soon discovered, to which the crage sheet also now has offences of gross disobedience of law enforcement officers.

A fisherman recovered the dead body of an 80 kilogram giant squid, in the waters off playa de Merón, near the town of Villaviciosa in Asturias. The animal was found floating on the sea surface and taken to the port of Gijón, where a team from the Coordinator for the Study and Protection of Marine Species (Cepesma), took over, transferring the body to the Museum of the Giant Squid in the town of Luarca, where a post mortem examination will be carried out to discover the cause of death.

A marine defence association in Almería are analysing photographs taken of the remains of a “strange” marine animal, about four meters in length, that was spotted this week by bathers on the coast of the Cuevas del Almanzora. The photographs are the only current evidence of the existence of the creature, after witnesses said that strong waves swept the body back into the sea, perhaps never to be seen again. According to experts at the association, early indications are that it is a “species of fish”, but as of yet unidentified, as the body was in “advanced state of decomposition”.

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