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Sunglasses, that´s what´s hot in the world of fashion this season, although it will no doubt change as the autumn collections hit the high street, with bags, accessories and collars all increasingly popular, but what might seem like a standard introduction to an article on high fashion, enters into a new and surreal world, when we consider that we are actually talking about dogs!

The perhaps typically named online store, Pet a Porter, is already taking Spain by storm, by offering a range of accessories for pets, not only dogs in fact, but cats as well, although it will take a brave companion to try and convince a cat to wear sunglasses.

Carry along bags, strollers, bike attachments are all available, delivered direct to your door, as well as beds, cleaning kits and more.

But the trend for classy pet products is not new, nor is it the reserve of the on-line marketplace. In the Malasaña area of Madrid, the Miguitas bakery offers some 40 metres of exhibition space of their fresh products, as well as an open production offering an inside view of their kitchens. According to Charo Ana, the owner of the store, dogs visit the shop and have their own tasting session, before choosing their own preferred blend. That is then made up for them to take away, although most do tend to prefer the meaty varieties.

The food can also be tailor made for dogs with specific dietary needs, including a wide range of options from a selection of cheeses to fruits and even yoghurt. According to Charo, owners often wrongly assume allergies to products such as chicken, when it is more common that problems are caused by cereals and grain, common in Spanish shop bought pet foods.

With the luxurious world awaiting the connected animals of Spain, as well as further afield, as the products are available for delivery across the globe, the one thing that must be kept a close eye on might be your credit cars, until the banks cotton on and offer accounts specifically for dogs.

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