Guardia Civil divers search the scene

Guardia Civil divers were called to assist in the search for two girls, aged 13 and 15, who were swimming in the Valmayor reservoir, located near Los Arroyos, in the municipality of El Escorial, in the community of Madrid. Both girls were located just ten metres away from the shore, the first at 17:41, the second five minutes later, in waters which were 8 metres deep.

The girls, who were cousins and from Ecuador, were said to have been sitting in the water near the shore, where the water is around one metre deep, but in an area where bathing is prohibited. At 14:41, the first calls were made to the emergency coordination centre, stating that they had disappeared.

Four helicopters were immediately dispatched, along with fire fighters, police and rescue teams, who were on the scene within minutes. Specialist divers then attended and located their lifeless bodies, as medical staff tending to their relatives for trauma and anxiety caused by the incident.

This latest tragedy brings the number of drowning in Spain this year to 113. Throughout August, so far, there have been 13 fatalities, although it is hoped that figure will remain lower than the 53 that occurred in July. As for the rest of the year, 4 people died in January, 4 in February, 5 in March, 11 in April, 7 in May and 14 in June.

Andalusia, the Canary Islands and the Valencia region are where most fatalities have occurred, with 22 deaths in Andalusia, 18 in the Canaries and 14 in Valencia. In Murcia, a total of 6 people have lost their lives.

The over 60´s have been more prone to suffering this year with 39 people in that age group. Secondly is the 18 to 59 age group with 32 fatalities, whereas 23 were under 18. A total of 13 people have yet to have their age confirmed.

In terms of sex, the vast majority of fatalities have been male, with just 21 females losing their lives.

The sea has taken most lives through drowning with 59 people having been killed, followed by 23 in swimming pools, 19 in rivers and 3 in reservoirs, including the two today.

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