The Association of Promoters and Builders in Torrevieja and on the Vega Baja (Procosta) denounced last week what they say is the "deplorable image" created by the presence of prostitutes on the region’s streets. They demanded the urgent introduction of new legislation for fining anyone who uses their services.

In a press release made public last week the group has demanded that the City Council urgently put in place appropriate measures to "eradicate prostitution from the streets." They say that while local business people are striving every day to improve the image of this part of the Costa Blanca their work is quickly undone by the prostitutes and the people who use them.

The association, chaired by Antonio Navarro, said that the Torrevieja Council has already made some efforts, through the Local Police Group (Udipo), to identify many of the girls who work on the streets but beyond that there has been little action.

Navarro asked that traffic control cameras at roundabouts and main intersections be used to monitor their activity and once identified the police should then act. He also said that the fact that they could be caught and identified on camera would also deter many ‘would be’ users of employing the prostitutes services.

The police, however, say that they do not possess the manpower to curb the presence and subsequent activities of prostitutes on the streets, particularly in the areas where they are known to be where they are prevalent, along the avenida de las Cortes Valencianas, the CV-90 or the Ronda Ricardo Lafuente and local streets.

In the press release Procosta suggest that Torrevieja should follow the examples of big cities like Barcelona where the problem has been almost eradicated through harsh sanctions, where clients can face fines of between 1,000 and 1,200 euros, increasing the amount by 300 euros if found to occur within 200 feet of a school.

What the organization don’t make clear, however, is what they consider the alternative to be to prostitutes selling their services along the side of the road.

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