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Local police from Orihuela arrested two men, caught red-handed, stealing air conditioning units from the school workshop located in the parque del soto at the río Segura Miguel Hernández.

The incident occurred last Friday, when a person alerted the local police that two young men were in the vicinity of the park acting suspiciously, and were concerned that they might be about to steal something from the school workshop.

Officers went to the scene and observed that the workshop was missing two air conditioning units, which was apparent by the pipes that had been cut and left behind. A third unit appeared to have been in a state of near extraction, as it had been unscrewed from its housing and left to dangle from the pipes.

The officers then noticed further signs of theft from the interior of the building and commenced a search of the area, looking for the two men described to them. The officers soon identified two suspects who matched the descriptions, and so the officers questioned them, but found no evidence of wrongdoing.

Suspecting that the two men would return to the scene to recover the third unity, the officers returned to the vicinity of the school workshop and parked their vehicle, when another call alerted them that they were stealing the third unit. Approaching the scene, they surprised the two men carrying the device to the car in which they had previously questioned them, subsequently arresting them for the crimes.

Inside the car the officers found a spanner, pliers and tube cutters, presumably used to remove the devices, the third air conditioning unit and the remains of the other two.

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