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Orihuela local police arrested a 27 year old man, on suspicion of theft of electronic items from a shop on the Orihuela Costa. The incident occurred on Thursday night when officers stopped a man, who was carrying a baby chair and found electronics worth 4,700 euro in a bag.

The officers returned to the store, along with the man, where the manager identified the loss of six Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phones, valued at 3,600 euro and an Apple computer valued at 1,100 euro.

Upon continuing the search, the officers found a Samsung mobile in the pocket of his pants and an electronic alarm systems disabling device which the officers described as being hidden in his “genital area”. As a result of these findings, the man was arrested on suspicion of a burglary.

Meanwhile, another team arrested a man who assaulted an officer trying to defuse a dispute in the residential neighbourhood of La Ciñuelica. The report from the police states that the incident occurred when officers were called to respond to complaints over noise at a private party being held at the home of the man.

One neighbour is said to have already attempted to ask the home owner to keep the noise down, resulting in the complainant being chased by the man, and having a rock thrown at his home, which prompted the call to the police.

Upon arrival, officers saw a group of people yelling and cursing at each other. The police tried to calm the situation, as well as asking the group to lower their voices, before one of the men is said to have grabbed one of the officers by the throat, resulting in him being pushed away.

The police then shackled the man and put him in their patrol car, in preparation for transfer to the police station. Once inside the police car, the prisoner is then said to have tried to harm himself, hitting his head repeatedly against the bulkhead.

The detainee, who is accused of the offenses of assault and gross disobedience of police officers, is 44 years of age and originally from Romania.

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