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The appearance of mysterious and unusual sea creatures is continuing to spread, as overfishing and changes to their natural environments are forcing changes to their own hunt for food.

This week, swimmers in Torrevieja and La Mata have claimed to have witnesses the appearance of fish, which their descriptions indicate might be common stingrays, which have closed beached this summer in areas around Valencia.

The obvious lack of photographic evidence means that identification of the creatures in the Torrevieja waters is as yet unconfirmed, but one wildlife photographing diver did manage to snap one off the coast of La Manga, which was confirmed to be a Dasyatis stingray, a contraction of the Greek word “dasys”, meaning rough or dense and “batus”, meaning skate, otherwise more commonly known as the Common Stingray.

One similar fish was found off the coast of Valencia and was about to give birth. It was rescued and relocated to a safer area.

Numerous species of large rays are common along the coast, though not usually seen quite so close to the shore. Not naturally aggressive, they are theoretically capable of killing a human, but only normally attack as a means of defence, and are otherwise docile, placid and playful.

Environmentalists are keen to learn of any sightings of unusual creature, either in the water or on land, to enable a truer picture of their changing habitat to be developed.

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