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The City of Port de la Selva in Girona has claimed 1,400 euro from a German family, as costs towards the rescue of an 18 year old girl who jumped into the sea as she was “angry” with her parents, a move which gained no attention from her parents but resulted in a marine lifeboat being dispatched to rescue her.

According to the mayor of Port de la Selva, Josep Maria Cervera, this is the first time the city has made a claim of this sort, but they consider the action to have been “easily avoidable”, and nothing but the results of the girl’s “tantrum”.

Cervera has said that, as a rule, the city is willing to assume certain expenses, but in this case, it was the result of anger between the daughter and parents and “we must begin to mobilize the effective value and staff who have a price”.

The Mayor explained that the girl jumped into the sea from the family boat around 18:00 hours on Sunday, swam towards the cliffs, and that the family did not advise her them of her disappearance until four hours later, when the emergency teams were deployed, with various agencies responding to the emergency.

She was found by the rescue boat at 01:20 in the morning, over 7 hours after she disappeared, and with teams searching both the sea and land in the hope of locating her.

The mayor has indicated that the 1,400 euro claimed is not a penalty, but a settlement towards the costs of mobilizing personnel and resources of the city. Cervera also stated that the final amount could be different, since neither plan to take legal action, but in any case, is expected to serve as a “precedent” to the actual deployment costs for an incident that could be avoidable.

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