No smoking plans

Whilst the government of Madrid are considering allowing smoking in the new casino being planned, as the financial gains far outweigh the risks to life, they say, the Health Council of the Principality of Asturias has released the draft “Comprehensive Care on Drugs Act”, which goes far the opposite way, seeking to protect citizens from tobacco smoke.

One of the main changes is the prohibition of smoking in all “covered shelters that are waiting areas for the purpose of road transport”, which means bus stops primarily, as well as other confined and public spaces, with some onus on schools and children, all of which have been welcomed by the National Committee for Smoking Prevention.

Francisco Camarelles, spokesperson for the committee, says, “Any exposure to in the environment to tobacco smoke is harmful. All efforts to avoid exposure and also create social awareness is very positive”.

According to Camarelles, the law is “perfect”, and “everything that represents an improvement is always welcome”. Adding that “This will also serve to help smokers become aware that smoking may harm the health of other people too”.

However, spokesperson for the IU political group, Manuel González Orviz, said that the new rules are an example of the “harassment and persecution” that smokers are subjected to.

Another element of the act is the prohibition of the consumption of alcohol by anybody under the age of 18, which brings the region in line with the rest of Spain, whereas local children were able to drink from the age of 16.

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